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Regent of Kelantan: One Kelantan, Justice First, Royalty Now!

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I able to see live coverage of the Opening Ceremony for Kelantan State Legislative Assembly at Kota Darulnaim fortnight ago and It was absolutely one in a whole life experience to be a ‘backbenchers’. Anyway, Kelantan State Legislative differ from others state because of having less-Opposition in daily-presiding (reckoning as Six Inferno). My point of views on this article that I assimilating from Najib Razak‘s mass One Malaysia promotion into Kelantan version: One Kelantan: Justice First & Royalty Now! I intentionally want to post this article after yesterday’s boom; PM promising that by early of next year, Kelantanese (needy) will be given compassionate fund (what is supposed to be was royalty compensation) that happened after Regent of Kelantan plays his roles in giving full support to the state government claiming the privilege as he was the King-to-be for Kelantan.

I never had some information about the oil-scramble between the Kelantan state and Petronas’ Federal Government about the royalty being paid as a gift for Kelantan’s dwellers upon coastal capacity in Region of Kelantan. Since I had a little bit of info about this oil-scramble issue, I don’t want to cite more on this issue instead of citing about the gentlemen-style by Regent of Kelantan. This was the first State Legislative Assembly chaired by HH and what I want to conclude that HH was the heirs of Kelantan Sultanate (now) that eventually marking the end of Kelantan ‘silent-king’ almost 30 years ago. Regent of Kelantan, HH Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra, for me, I dubbed HH as Kelantan’s dream prince because of his protocol-ignorance when he meets the Rakyat (people) publicly.

HH shows his Young-Gun Regent by giving support to the current state government claiming petroleum royalty compensation that has been stipulated as enshrined in the accordance between Kelantan state government and Petronas in 1975. Based on data from the Department of Statistics, which released the Economic Planning Unit Prime Minister’s Department, Kelantan contribution to the production of petroleum products throughout the country for the years 2005 to 2008 was higher than the production of Sabah. Yesterday, Malaysia PM is giving some hopes by promising that Kelantanese will be given compassionate fund by early of next year after urged by Kelantan MPs and HH himself for the sake of justice to the Kelantanese (My views, I totally upset because the fund will be translated into project rather than fiat money. Project?.. Leakage absolutely happens…!).

It was a production of 5.4 percent per year and according to the post production of petroleum from Kelantan waters have started since 2005. The state government should continue efforts to obtain royalty agreements such as the requirements have been stipulated between the state government and Petronas. The Council completed the Official Opening of the Third Conference (Budget) for the duration of the Second Session of the House State of Kelantan in the 12th Legislative Assembly State (DUN) in Kota Bharu fortnight ago. His Majestic leadership hoped to be a veto power holder in his discretion on Kelantan political-social agenda.

I thinks he is confident on that argument, however under the principles and spirit of federal, Petronas will implement the requirements of the relevant agreement requires cash payments amortized twice each year. According to him, if development activities related to oil production in the waters of Kelantan can be developed, it can certainly contribute to economic recovery and to attract foreign investment to Malaysia. I assumed this was some brilliant action taken by in-waiting King of Kelantan as his preparation to ‘topple’ current Sultanate that I was described as people-unfriendly (Now, sabbatical in Singapore). This issue arises when oil royalties Kelantan claim of RM1 billion to the central government based on the oil platform was built in the coastal of Kelantan. However, he is examines the central government claims that Kelantan under position and still at the research comprehensively whether Kelantan entitled to receive it not.


Written by Muhammad Ismail Ibrahim

November 5, 2009 at 12:07 AM

Posted in Politics

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