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Peculiarly Kelantan: Chauffeur Dispute…!

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Fortnight ago, Kelantanese, particularly Kota Bharu radius was surprised with some cited as ‘brilliant action’ by Kelantan Bus drivers held strikes to express their displeasure towards their employer, Cityliner Bus Company for cutting off their monthly salary and the others workers became the victim of outstanding remuneration. For decades, Kelantan’s history of transition for transportation company had never experienced this chauffeur dispute but, fortnight ago bravery action by some of the ‘aware’ drivers regarding ‘mouse-cat-game’ played by their employer. The cessation of work by them triggering havoc around central of Kota Bharu where hundreds of passengers trapped almost 6 hours causing unprecedented transportation paralyze in Kota Bharu. Cityliner Bus Company, formerly conducted by SKMK Bus Company, was the only company serving transit inter-city in the centralization of Kota Bharu. In my school hey-day, this transportation became so popular among pinky-Maahadians and blue-governmental school students.

What it should be was that, they must channel their grievances through the right body the likes of establishing unions for bus drivers. Unfortunately, fortnight ago, their actions causing thousands of passengers, planning to return to the city after spending their weekend with loved ones in Kelantan, were stranded at the bus terminal when 110 Cityliner bus drivers in Kelantan stayed a boycott from 6.00am to 12.15pm Sunday. Allegedly, the boycott was due to the management’s deduction of RM100 from their salaries for no apparent reason and failure of the management to furnish them with their salary slips since July. They are paid very low salaries and now they deduct RM100 and I was informed that the drivers were paid RM300 by the management before Hari Raya Aidilfitri but did not state whether it was an “incentive” or a loan.

Undeniably, the difference of opinion between the employer and his employees as to their appropriate terms and conditions of service for the workers may ended with dispute that can be translated into strikes or picketing. Anyway, What It supposed to be was that the chauffeur dispute must be done in a good-manners and consensus leaving this dispute with win-win situation between the Cityliner and their employees. Many parties believe that workers should not go on strike as by doing so they may gain what they want, but they inconvenience others. When public transport workers, like bus and train drivers holding strike, many people cannot get to work on time. Massive traffic jams may be caused by workers taking their own cars to work instead of riding public transport. On my part, there was a ‘bad debt’ that needs to clear off. It was “Malaysia Industrial Relations: Law & Practices”. Issues needs to be moderated, it was ‘too late’ to be happened, if not, I will excerpts this ‘chauffeur dispute’ matters into my final papers. The views was that, Kelantan’s bus drivers shows its ‘wiseness’ and ‘courage’ instead of dubbed as cow’s pulled nose…

Adios, ( pok chiek deghebar barh)..!


Written by Muhammad Ismail Ibrahim

November 16, 2009 at 12:40 AM

Posted in News

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