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Monsoon Season: Sungai Kelantan Fiesta-Style.

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This week, I would like to bring about an half-euphoric and half-alert circumstances to the Kelantanese, in particular. It was, standing ovation and say welcome, Monsoon Season!. Monsoon is probably the most prominent weather phenomenon for the people living in the subtropics because the effects of monsoon precipitation, in particular, flooding may have a tremendous effect on environments and human lives. In Malaysia, the monsoon flood is due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, known as the Northeast monsoon, which prevails between November and March. Kelantan one of the states in Malaysia, which is affected by monsoon flooding annually. Although the loss of life and materials is less than in other countries such as India and Pakistan, it is still safe to described as festival-like flood. Kelantan River regularly overspills its banks during the months of November to February because of the northern Monsoon Season.

It is generally “Monsoon” or the locals called it as “Tengkujuh” is the extremely non-stop raining season in Kelantan and East Coast neighbor for more than a week. The winds from the north-east over the South China seas brings heavy rains alongside coastal of the east. As a consequences, the mainstream Kelantan rivers from estuary to source, the name is only used for the section from the estuary to the confluence of its two main tributaries, the Galas River and the Lebir River can overflow and pour out, that can resulting entire Kota Bharu town or dubbed as Kelantan Delta inundated and look like as Venice of the East. Kota Bharu was officially “capsized’. Most of the main roads are closed and some bridges can get washed away. There are regular evacuations in the low lying areas. It is part of annual life here so if you are a tourist, check with the locals. This time will be low tourist season and so there are some advantages too.

However, among people in Kelantan or can safely named as Kelantanese, flood is a natural disaster that can still, still be celebrated like a festival. In fact, it is regarded as flood-fiesta that need to be accompanied by various levels of society regardless of whether children, elderly or young, married or still single. Among children, they tend to hardly saunter flowing the muddy and sludge flood in clusters either by riding motorcycles, bicycles or on foot only. They go all-out in crowds with a broad spectrum and appearance to ‘celebrate’ the once in a year flood-fiesta. Usually several locations in the central city of Kota Bharu and along the way to Pantai Cahaya Bulan will be submerged by brownies-like flood. For records, 192*, 1967 and (almost) 2004 were dubbed as Bah Merah by its local or Massive Red-Flood hitting Kota Bharu entirely and craving that great flood into “The Day After Tomorrow” Kelantan’s History.

Red Flood-cum-Red Warriors…! The Greatest of Kelantan…!


Written by Muhammad Ismail Ibrahim

November 18, 2009 at 1:08 AM

Posted in News

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