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Kelantan’s Classics: Old Photos of Kelantan: Part II

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This is a continuation from my previous entry entitled  “Kelantan’s Classics: Old Photos of Kelantan: Part I“, source that I’ve excerpted from a book from University of California Libraries, Los Angeles, published by James Maclehose and Sons, Glasgow. This article is regarding the old history of Kelantan depicted by classic image that noted in the October 5th, 1907 by the author, Walter Armstrong Graham entitled ‘Kelantan’. W.A. Graham was a Siamese Majesty’s Resident Commissioner and Adviser to H.H. the Raja of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad IV. The “Siamese-appointed” British Advisor to the Kelantan Court, W.A. Graham noted in his guidebook on ‘Kelantan’ (1907). It may be used for non-commercial, personal, research, or educational purposes, or any fair use.


The Kelantan River at Kuala Lebir.

On the Kelantan River

Kelantan River.


Fifty Miles up River.

Landing Stage, Kota Bharu.

The Pasir Puteh Road.

Silk Weaving.

A Fishing Boat.


Paddy Fields.

Para Rubber 14 Months, Taku Estate.

Coconut trees on the river-side.

A Rubber Clearing, Duff Company.

A Coconut Plantation.

On the Lebir River (The Duff Company Station)

Betel Palms


Coolie Lines at Taku.

A Buffalo.

Draught Oxen.

A Kelantan Ram.


A Private Conveyance.

A Mining Camp (Duff Company's Concession)

And.. To be continued with last part (Part III) April 2011..


Written by Muhammad Ismail Ibrahim

March 1, 2011 at 1:04 PM

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