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Kelantan’s Classics: Old Photos of Kelantan: Part III

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This is the last part of the previous entries entitled  ”Kelantan’s Classics: Old Photos of Kelantan“, source that I’ve excerpted from a book from University of California Libraries, Los Angeles, published by James Maclehose and Sons, Glasgow. This article is regarding the old history of Kelantan depicted by classic image that noted in the October 5th, 1907 by the author, Walter Armstrong Graham entitled ‘Kelantan’. W.A. Graham was a Siamese Majesty’s Resident Commissioner and Adviser to H.H. the Raja of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad IV. The “Siamese-appointed” British Advisor to the Kelantan Court, W.A. Graham noted in his guidebook on ‘Kelantan’ (1907). It may be used for non-commercial, personal, research, or educational purposes, or any fair use.


Gold has been mined in Kelantan from a very remote period, a fact which is attested by the presence of traces of old workings in many parts of the State, the history of which has been entirely lost. Apparently the industry has always been entirely in the hands of Chinese, who must have settled in the gold-producing districts in considerable numbers, and a few of whose descendants persist, to this day, at Pulai and elsewhere. During ancient days, when there was no Raja in Kelantan of any far-reaching power, the Pulai settlement grew into a rich and powerful community.

a gold mining shaft, Duff Company.

a gold dredger on the Kelantan River.(Duff Company)

Constructing a gold dredger, (Duff Company)

Shifting Ground. (Duff Company)


The Police force of the State consists of 250 men, of whom fifty are Sikhs and Punjabi Mohammedans and the remainder Malays. There is one English officer in the force. The uniform is khaki, and about half the men are armed with rifles. There is no other armed force of any kind in the State. The strength of the Police will probably be increased in the near future.

Civil Police, Kota Bharu. (The Sikh & Punjabi)

Military Police, Kota Bharu.

a district Police Station.

The Court of H.H. the Raja is the High Court for the State, and also the only Court of Appeal. With His Highness sit a Malay nobleman and a Siamese officer of considerable local experience as Assistant Judges. His Majesty’s representative sits as a Court of Revision. There is a Central Court at Kota Bharu, and there are three Courts of Small Causes in different parts of the State. The general manager of the Duff Development Company also is empowered to try certain offences.

Court House, Kota Bharu.

a Creek.

GENERAL: Sports and Pastimes.

Sir Frank Swettenham, in his recent monumental work on the States of the Malay Peninsula, very truly observes that a striking peculiarity about Kelantan is that the capital is given up to various forms of relaxation in a way unknown to any other State in the Peninsula. The Malay is a thorough sportsman, and would doubtless devote a great part of his time to games everywhere did the same facilities, or rather encouragements, prevail as in Kelantan. The fact is that bull-fighting, buffalo-fighting, ram-fighting, cock-fighting, fish-fighting, and boat-racing, are the delight of the Raja and the nobility, and are freely encouraged and supported by them.

a Bull Fight.

a Champion

The Residency.


Map of Kelantan, 1907.


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April 1, 2011 at 5:01 PM

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